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Prevailing Wage Monitoring

Avoid Future Penalties. Imperium First Consulting will audit your prevailing wage documents for compliance.

What is labor compliance monitoring?

IFC offers labor compliance monitoring to ensure compliance with the State of California and federal Davis Bacon Act prevailing wage requirements. IFC will assist prime contractors and their sub-contractors in understanding the necessary requirements of California Department of Industrial relations and the Department of Labor and Davis-Bacon Act. IFC also ensures that all contractors, and workers employed on Public Works projects are treated equitably, fairly, and compensated in conformity with the Federal and/or States prevailing wage rates.

Why monitor Prevailing wages?

IFC monitors prevailing wages on public works projects to adhere to the California Labor Commissioner’s Office’s Mission Statement: “to promote economic justice through robust enforcement of labor laws”.

Administrative and General
Accounting Services

Imperium First Consulting will take care of your daily accounting duties that overwhelm your internal staff. Let us take care of all your bookkeeping and invoicing needs.

IFC provides various administrative and accounting support for construction

Do you have a DBE Goal? We are here to help you monitor and attain your goal.

Imperium First Consulting keeps you informed during project duration. Our Bi-weekly or monthly reporting keeps you updated about your performance on each project. Monthly reports for DBE commitment goals are also provided.

IFC is proud to be a DBE, SBE, and WBE